Avikus, AquaSport Boats Partner on AI-Based Autonomous Technology

In a groundbreaking partnership that is set to redefine the landscape of recreational sport boating, Avikus and AquaSport Boats have announced in conjunction with the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, a collaboration to create the world’s first autonomously equipped recreational sport boat company.

Avikus, a trailblazer in artificial intelligence, ADAS, and autonomous boat technology, and AquaSport Boats, renowned for their vision and commitment to being a leader in monohull design, are embarking on an exhilarating journey to revolutionize the recreational boating experience. The fusion of Avikus’ autonomous prowess and advanced AI with AquaSport’s industry vision and market expertise will pave the way for an entirely new era in aquatic adventures.

This collaboration promises to deliver a line of center- and dual-console recreational sport boats, under the Twin Vee brand, each craft meticulously designed, developed and manufactured to provide an unparalleled boating experience that incorporates advanced navigation assist and autonomous functionality. The first models will make their debut this summer, with additional models being introduced in late 2024 under the Twin Vee, Forza, and AquaSport brands.

“This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to innovation, technology and the pursuit of excellence in the recreational boating industry,” said Lim Dohyeong, CEO of Avikus. “Together with AquaSport Boats, we are not just introducing a new product; we are unleashing a new era of AI-assisted navigation on the open water.”

The Avikus and AquaSport collaboration will advance the recreational sport boating market by harnessing the power of AI, sensor fusion, and machine learning to provide a new level of safety, convenience, and confidence to both new and experienced boaters. Avikus’ NeuBoat technology will bring the innovations seen in the automotive sector to the recreational marine market, such as 360-degree situational awareness, 3D cluster views, advanced route planning, “smart” autopilot navigation that can identify objects and avoid potential collisions, and, most importantly, autonomous self-docking capability. These enhancements will attract the next generation of boaters to the market, and aid existing boaters with navigation and docking.

Avikus’ NeuBoat autonomous level two navigation solution for recreational boats was also recognized this week for innovation at CES. This is the second consecutive year Avikus was recognized by the show in the category “Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility”.

“As pioneers in monohull design, AquaSport Boats is thrilled to partner with Avikus to bring autonomous technology to the heart of recreational boating,” said Joseph Visconti, president of AquaSport Boats. “This collaboration is not just about creating boats; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences for our customers.”

In a market that is constantly looking for ways to differentiate through innovation to capture the hearts and minds of the customer, the innovative efforts of Avikus and AquaSport Boats will serve as an example of what is possible for builders wishing to collaborate with Avikus to bring the exhilaration of AI-powered autonomous boating solutions to their owners.

For more information about Avikus visit avikus.ai and to learn more about AquaSport Boats visit aquasportboat.com.