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Image Credit: Joel Vandekrol


Best On Tour Announces Contingency Program for Opens Anglers

Best On Tour has announced a new contingency program for 2024 in conjunction with AFTCO and Sunline. This exciting new program will allow any St. Croix Bassmaster Opens “Elite Qualifier” angler fishing all nine events in 2024 to take advantage of discounted products for their season and win cash from both brands.

Registration for the program is free. Upon signing up, anglers will receive an AFTCO and Sunline brand package, as well as a discount code for a product order from AFTCO and Sunline. The top registered angler in each Bassmaster Opens EQ will also receive $1,000 in contingency money from each brand. Registration is free by going to and entering your information, prior to the start of the 2024 Bassmaster Opens EQ season.

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