DuraSafe G-Cradle Bracket


DuraSafe Releases New G-Cradle Bracket Lock for Garmin Echomap Ultra

DuraSafe, a leading provider of innovative lock solutions for outdoor enthusiasts, has announced the launch of its new G-Cradle Bracket lock for the Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 10- and 12-inch screen units. This revolutionary new security product is the only lock system available that prevents theft of the entire ECHOMAP Ultra unit, including the face plate and quick-release cradle. The G-Cradle Bracket with E-LOCK is available for purchase on the DuraSafe website.

The DuraSafe G-Cradle Bracket is designed specifically for four existing Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra models — 106sv, 102sv, 126sv, 122sv — and two new Ultra 2 models — 10- and 12-inch models. Due to Garmin’s unique mounting design in these models with a quick-release cradle that the face plate snaps into, there is no way to secure the entire setup from theft other than the complete removal of the face plate from the cradle. What DuraSafe understands is that anglers don’t like to constantly remove the face plate; 1) it is challenging to store them safely from scratches or bumpy rides; 2) daily install and removal can compromise the delicate pins on the back of the face plate; and 3) it is inconvenient and time-consuming to remove and store.

To meet customer’s needs, DuraSafe’s solution offers a bracket, that when used in conjunction with the E-LOCK, secures the face plate and cradle of these Garmin models. The specially designed bracket safeguards the face plate from being removed by sliding around the sides and back of the ECHOMAP Ultra cradle as well as guarding the release mechanism in the back from being pressed in. The DuraSafe G-Cradle Bracket also prevents the face plate from accidentally popping out of the quick release cradle if the face plate is not properly installed.

“At DuraSafe, we’re thrilled to offer the G-Cradle Bracket to our customers who use Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra electronics,” said Cathy Frantz, owner of DuraSafe. “Their wait is over. With this new product, Garmin customers can finally protect their larger model ECHOMAP Ultra locators and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve stopped accidental pop-outs and locked your important investment with our popular E-LOCK.”

The patent-pending G-Cradle Bracket can be purchased from the DuraSafe website either by itself to be used with factory gimbal knobs to prevent accidental pop outs, or packaged with two E-LOCKs for ultimate security. This new G-Cradle Bracket is intended to be used with the original Garmin factory bail mount bracket that comes with the ECHOMAP Ultra. It will not work with thicker aftermarket brackets.

DuraSafe is committed to providing innovative solutions to improve the outdoor experience and continues to offer enhanced security and convenience for electronics, fishing equipment, and towing adventures.