Film Looks at How Conservation Partnerships Benefit Nation’s Bass Fisheries

Produced by the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, this cinematic video highlights how the Sport Fish Restoration partnerships among industry and state and federal agencies have aided in the conservation of bass and provided outstanding bass fisheries and public access across the United States. The film creates an awareness of the Sport Fish Restoration Program and the opportunities for anglers and boaters that are made possible by excise taxes on angling equipment and fuel. This film is a product of the Partner with a Payer initiative.

Lead by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission staff, video footage includes state biologists conducting sportfish management field work and illustrating the importance of Sport Fish Restoration funding, people enjoying outdoor recreation, and scenes of boating and fishing. This video’s narration is a collection of interviews from industry, anglers, and state and federal partners that all play a role in the sportfish restoration program. Sportfish conservation, angling and boating access benefits, and partnerships are the theme.