MRAA Introduces AI-Powered Content Delivery

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas introduced an artificial intelligence-powered content delivery system that will revolutionize how MRAA members can find answers to their most pressing challenges and opportunities — and will do so faster than ever before.

Introduced at Dealer Week as part of MRAA president Matt Gruhn’s state of the association presentation, the platform — known as AIMIE, an acronym representing AI for Marine Industry Education — has been trained on MRAA’s vast catalog of dealership-specific content. This means that AIMIE can access MRAA’s online courses, blogs, publications, webinars, and websites in order to answer dealer questions and share insights, strategies, and best practices.

“At the MRAA, our No. 1 challenge is our ability to connect, individually, the thousands of dealership teams out there to the most meaningful tools, resources, and educational programs that can help them solve their problems and take advantage of the opportunities in front of them,” said Gruhn. “With AIMIE, we can now deliver on our mission to meet dealers where they are at, on their schedule, and in their greatest time of need. Additionally, this platform allows dealership employees to gather ideas and insights without having to always rely on someone else in their dealership to know the answers.”

Dealership employees can ask AIMIE any questions they would like, such as, “How do I overcome objections to today’s high interest rates?” or “How do we better manage our inventory levels?” Similarly, dealership employees can instruct AIMIE to create something on their behalf such as a social media post or a job description for a new position. AIMIE then responds by delivering a written answer or by following instructions in response.

Perhaps AIMIE’s best feature is that it then also provides direct links to the resources she references so dealerships can dive deeper and learn more about the topic they asked about.

All attendees of Dealer Week 2023, including those participating in Dealer Week Online, will have access to AIMIE through the end of December. As of January, AIMIE will be made available for free to all MRAA Silver- and Gold-level retail members.

“Every day, our team works with dealers to understand their pain points and the opportunities they are seeking to pursue,” said Gruhn. “Based on those insights, we build the industry’s leading educational programs and resources, and today, with the introduction of AIMIE, we have introduced the most powerful platform available to deliver real-world solutions straight into today’s dealerships.”

MRAA partnered with BettyBot.ai to bring AIMIE to life. To find out more about Betty Bot, visit that website here: bettybot.ai.