Graph Glove

Image Credit: Joel Vandekrol


New ‘Graph Glove’ from The Rod Glove

The new “Graph Glove” from The Rod Glove offers simple and secure protection for your fish finders. Keep it simple and keep it safe!

At the end of a long day of fishing, the last thing you want to be fighting with is a skintight cover for your graphs. Discover the ease of using the new Graph Glove!

The new Graph Glove is made for anglers that take their graphs off their boat or kayak after a day of fishing. Made with thick 3-millimeter neoprene and a waterproof zipper, the new graph glove will keep your graphs clean, safe, and secure while not in use.

The design is meant to provide ease of use. The generously sized design allows you to slide it in and zip it up. The big handle makes it easy to carry and the handle’s rugged design allows you to hang it on a hook on your wall for efficient safe storage and organization.

The new Graph Glove comes in three sizes:

  • Small for 5- to 7-inch graphs
  • Medium for 8- to 9-inch graphs
  • Large for 10- to 12-inch graphs

The sizes are designed to give you the option to slide your graph in with or without your hard cover.

The Rod Glove brand can be found protecting and preserving the equipment of top professional fishermen like Gerald Swindle, Brent Ehrler, Brandon Palaniuk, Cooper Gallant, and Carl Jocumsen.

About The Rod Glove

The Rod Glove was started in 2010 by avid bass angler Jim Van Ryn, who identified a need in the marketplace for a product that would give anglers a way to protect and organize their fishing rods. The product had to be simple, functional, fashionable, and customizable. The Rod Glove is all that and more. Fishing rods are an investment. Protect them with The Rod Glove! For more information, visit or email Jim at