New Premium Boat Care Kit

Are you looking for the best boat wax and detailing kit around? Look no further than SRD20 Best Boat Wax, Boat Detailing, and Boat Cleaning Kit!

The manufacturer’s special limited-time offer has everything you need to keep your boat looking clean and pristine. The kit includes 8 ounces of its incredible SRD20 Graphene Spray Protectant, 16 ounces of SRD20 Waterless Wash and Wax, 8 ounces of SRD20 Vinyl Protectant, two The Rag Co. Applicator Pads for easy application, two The Rag Co. 365-Edgless Microfiber Towels to make sure your finish is streak free, and a helpful instruction card to use as a reference. Plus, get an all weatherproof SRD20 sticker that you can proudly display on boats or cars alike.


This incredible kit is available now at 25 percent off regular price — but hurry before this amazing deal runs out.

Get top-notch results with the SRD20 Best Boat Wax, Boat Detailing and Cleaning Kit — a quick way to make sure your boat stays clean and protected while on the water! All SRD20 products are made in the USA and are available at and select retail locations.