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Norsk Redefines Lithium Technology

The United States just celebrated its independence; lots of fun with family and friends, fireworks, BBQ, maybe a couple beers, and hopefully, some fishing. Well, July 4th isn’t the only big bang this week. Norsk Lithium is proud to announce huge advances in lithium marine battery technology that completely shatters the current lithium boat battery paradigm. As such, the company will be revealing their completely reimagined product lineup and industry leading 10+2 year non-prorated warranty at ICAST 2024 in Orlando, June 16-19, at Booth 637.

“Norsk is poised to make fishing easier, better, and more powerful for all anglers,” says Norsk VP of Strategy & Development, James Holst.

“Our product design approach is solving the problems nobody else is addressing in the marine lithium battery space. It’s one thing to provide power, but that’s only half of the equation. Think about how the smart watch forever changed keeping track of time and you’ll have an understanding of how we’re approaching product development. We’re dedicated to creating the highest quality marine batteries possible, period, with a focus on offering an entirely new product line with a unique set of highly-desirable features other lithium companies just don’t have the ability to offer. Following this path was a lot more work but doing so got us away from being pigeonholed into using the small number of factories most lithium battery companies use, most licking and sticking their label on different price point designs sold by an almost limitless number of brands with the same features, and of course, the same design flaws. The net result is we’ve been able to brainstorm and implement some really exciting features that serious anglers really want from a lithium boat battery.”

Holst continues: “And while we didn’t set out to offer less expensive batteries, we are also proud to offer the absolute best lithium batteries on the market at prices that are often below our competitors’ pricing. Of course, that’s a good thing because it puts lithium power within reach of more anglers. And when potential customers compare our features, performance and price against featureless batteries with an inferior warranty offered by our competitors, we think the decision is a no-brainer.”

Digging into the company’s new technologies, Holst says: “We’re on the constant watch for ways to utilize how smart lithium batteries can be and make the user experience more enjoyable and intuitive.”

Norsk Lithium’s solution to batteries discharging in storage? Deep Sleep technology.

One of the most maddening, frustrating and time-consuming problems any boat owner can ever be forced to deal with is having to track down a passive or phantom draw that slowly and painfully sucks the energy out of boat batteries when the boat is in storage.

Sometimes these low amp draws point back to faulty wiring that needs to be painstakingly tracked down and rewired. At other times, the source of the problem is the boat owner themselves. Ever accidentally left a radio or light on in your boat? Or perhaps you’ve forgotten to turn off all the master power switches? Yeah, we’ve done that more times than we care to admit and our oversight typically resulted in a boatload of dead batteries which is why we knew we needed to come up with a fix that would address the problem and provide an “easy button” solution.

“So we came up with the Deep Sleep concept, where we can use the BMS that sits on top of the battery to make it really easy for users to shut down every battery in their boat through the Guardian app with the simple touch of a button,” says Holst. “Press the button, and all the batteries go into Deep Sleep, stopping current from hitting the battery terminals. This also makes sure that if your boat has any parasitic voltage draws that your batteries aren’t going to drain when docked, in the parking lot, or long-term storage.”

Holst elaborates: “And instead of having to crawl through your compartments and flip switches—we typically remember the master switches immediately after the cover is safely and securely on the boat—you can stand by the side of your boat looking like the smartest guy at the launch, hit one button in the Guardian App, and presto, all the batteries disconnect power to the terminals in an instant. Same thing for waking them back up when you’re ready to hit the water. Just open the Norsk Lithium Guardian app and tap a button. That’s just another example of how we’ve made our new batteries more efficient and user-friendly.”

But what if you forget your phone or want to do it manually?

Norsk Lithium has gone yet another step further by building in a Power Management Button right into the top of each battery.

“You’ve got a built in State of Charge (SOC) battery meter built into the top of the battery case you’re going to get a SOC read-out with a quick push of the battery management button which provides a quick visual check of the battery’s status without the need for the App on your phone. That same battery management button will also give you the opportunity to wake up the battery from Deep Sleep. A simple tap of the button and your battery wakes from Deep Sleep and you’re ready to roll.

But our commitment to innovation doesn’t end with Deep Sleep. For example, most experienced anglers carry a jump pack in the boat to ensure they can start their big motor if needed. Get this: Norsk has eliminated the need for this with their new product design.

“Instead of anglers having to dig out a jump pack that all too often gets left at home, to eliminate the chance that the starting battery can be so deeply discharged that there’s not enough juice left to start the outboard, we built in an Emergency Start Reserve (ESR) right into our new line of starting batteries. Twenty-five percent of the battery’s capacity is set aside, almost like an internal starting pack that you’ll never forget on the kitchen counter, so the angler can avoid ever being caught on the water or at the landing with a dead starting battery ever again! To access the Emergency Start Reserve you have the option to do so in the Norsk Guardian App or by pressing and holding the Battery Management button for 5 seconds. With the touch of a button you go from being dead on the water to running across the lake with the wind in your hair! With our new batteries, an angler will never get caught by surprise on the water with a dead starting battery.”

Another cool, new Norsk Lithium exclusive: Dual Voltage Batteries

How about a 36V 60Ah Deep Cycle battery for your trolling motor with a second set of terminals? Yup. Norsk Lithium is introducing the first dual voltage battery to the marine marketplace in response to the overwhelming consumer demand for batteries that can power their sonar modules at higher voltages. Remember, the operating voltage range of a sonar module, regardless of brand, is in excess of 30V, so feeding these power-hungry devices 28V, instead of the standard 12V, allows them to run more efficiently, offer longer runtimes when compared to a 12V battery due to the lower amp draw, and many feel better overall performance of their sonar system as a whole. Now, in most scenarios users chasing higher voltage solutions are forced to implement complicated wiring, additional power shut off switches, and external voltage regulators to provide higher voltage power. You won’t find any of that run-around over here. With Norsk Lithium’s Dual Voltage 36V 60Ah Deep Cycle, providing 28V of clean, consistent, regulated power is as simple as attaching the red wire from your sonar module to the positive 28V terminal and the black wire from the sonar wire to the negative 28V terminal and you’re ready to hit the water. All the power regulation, power management, and fancy wiring is handled inside the battery. Did we mention we like to use our engineering prowess to solve problems and make things easier for anglers?

“Our mission is to make ownership of Norsk Lithium batteries enjoyable through increased efficiency and their ability to solve problems for you,” reiterates Holst.

Ultimately, the marriage of an extremely smart and unprecedented high-tech (but easy-to-use) marine battery is what Norsk Lithium has achieved in their new line of products, which we encourage you to experience first-hand at ICAST 2024 in Orlando, June 16-19, at Booth 637.

Holst concludes: “What’s really exciting is not only this new line of products and unprecedented design and technologies, but our forward-looking engineering, which promises to stay ahead of the cutting edge as we move forward into the ever-changing landscape of fishing in today’s world.”

At the end of the day, when you compare Norsk Lithium’s laundry list of new, high-tech features, it’s painfully clear. Norsk is at the head of the pack when it comes to competition in the marine lithium battery space. If you’re not using green, you’re not using the be-all, end-all.

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