Northland's Pitchin' Puppet

Image Credit: Joel Vandekrol


Northland Pitchin’ Puppet

For decades now, anglers have been using vertical jigging lures like the Northland Puppet Minnow for casting — and with great success. Now Northland has designed a bait specifically for the job. The Pitchin’ Puppet features a lead frame with an over-molded resin exterior and fin, giving it a lifelike translucent baitfish appearance with exceptional durability. When jigged, snapped, or ripped, the Pitchin’ Puppet darts and rolls to trigger strikes. A wide-gap rear hook — and absence of a front nose hook — make this lure perfect for darting across the bottom, and the split-ring connected treble hook keeps fish pinned all the way back to the boat.

Northland Fishing Tackle’s new Pitchin’ Puppet

• Over-molded resin body and tail that’s extremely durable
• Baitfish profile
• Wide-gap rear hook for better hooking percentages
• Cast and retrieve or vertically jig to create a darting action like a dying minnow
• 15 Colors
• Sizes: 2-inch (5/16 ounce), 2 3/8-inch (5/8 ounce) and 2 3/4-inch (1 ounce)

MSRP: $9.99