PENN Carnage III Offshore

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PENN Introduces Carnage III Offshore Models

Completing the series, the new PENN Carnage III Offshore boat and tournament rods represent the next generation of high-performance rod construction with powerful, lightweight blanks that are extremely durable under maximum pressure, made for fighting the largest saltwater species. The new offshore models are made to compete with the custom rod market, with new heavy-duty rod construction and interchangeable butts on the blade only models, accommodating the various techniques offshore fishing demands.

The new PENN Carnage III Offshore and tournament models feature LS2 rod construction, developed specifically for the brutal offshore environment. It combines a carbon and glass composite unidirectional core with an outer carbon spiral wrap, reinforcing the core and enhancing the hoop strength, thus increasing the break strength while keeping it lightweight.

The Offshore models offer a total of 17 SKUs, with 10 of them in a blade-only design. The blade-only design allows anglers to customize the butt section of the rod according to their preferences in technique and boat configuration and needs for any fishing situation. The remaining non-blade rods come with slick butts, except for the white marlin rod, which features an EVA butt, tailored to that specific fishery.

“Compared to similar rods on the market, these rods will feel lighter, especially the larger fish models, and are more than capable to handle the task at hand,” said Justin Poe, category director at PENN. “Our goal was to leave these rods as customizable in the market so that the angler can choose the finishes they desire for the type of fishing they are doing. We worked closely with some of the biggest names in offshore fishing, like Ray Rosher and Quinton Dieterle, to ensure we got these rods dialed. PENN now has an entire rod series to match up to its premium offshore reels, like the Internationals and the Fathom II LDs.”

The Carnage III Offshore models are equipped with top-notch components like Fuji HB Guides, Sea-Guide HBS reel seats, AFTCO rollers, and rubber shrink tube handles, making them anglers’ go-to workhorse rods. They eliminate the need to seek out expensive custom rod builders, offering fully customizable options with ideal actions and features for high-stakes, big-game fishing situations. With the PENN Carnage III Offshore rods, anglers can confidently tackle any challenge that comes their way.

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Key Features:

  • LS2 Blank Construction​
  • Fuji K-Series tangle-free guides with SiC inserts (select models)​
  • Fuji Stainless Steel HB Guides with SiN inserts
  • Aftco Roller Guides (select models)​
  • Sea-Guide Aluminum HBS Reel Seat​
  • Sea-Guide DBS Reel Seat (select models)​
  • Custom Full Rubberized Shrink-Wrapped Handles​
  • PENN slick butt (select models)​
  • Blade Only (select models)
  • AFTCO Butt Option(s)
  • Aluminum Gimbal (select models)

AFTCO Rod Butt:

  • Finest Marine Alloy
  • Swaged for strength and performance
  • Perfect alignment of gimbal reel and guides
  • Pair specifically to Carnage III Offshore models
  • Available in straight or curved models in sizes Number 2 or 4

Available: August 2023

MSRP: $199.95-$699.95