Daiwa Tatula 100


Pitman Creek Announces Best of Fall Show Winners

Pitman Creek Wholesale hosted its annual fall show in Sevierville, Tennessee, Oct. 15-16. Dealers from more than 20 states flocked to the Sevierville Convention Center to take advantage of the industry’s best deals. While in attendance, these retailers wrote orders and voted on a plethora of new products in the annual New Product Showcase.

Unlike ICAST, only retailers are eligible to vote at the PCW show, so these awards reflect retailer sensibilities and the goal of selling product to consumers. In all, seven categories were represented, as follows.

Best of Show Overall Winner

Daiwa Tatula 100

Daiwa Introduces the all-new Tatula 100. A redesign of the reel frame allows anglers to achieve even greater levels of comfort and confidence. Along with a more ergonomic feel, Daiwa has integrated a patented Hyper-Drive design for the smoothest performance and power possible. The new lighter A7075 spool will also give anglers the opportunity to cast longer distances. Anglers will find this model available in a range of gear ratios from 6.3:1/7.1:1/ 8.1:1 in both left- and right-hand retrieve.

Best of Show Category Winners

Best Accessory

Stick Jacket Pro Series

Introducing the Stick Jacket PRO Series, a game-changer in rod protection. Denser, tougher, and moisture-resistant, these covers safeguard line guides and rod blanks without the neoprene hassle. Professional-grade defense that dries fast, won’t mold, and simplifies rod management. Experience innovation in upscale packaging, leaving traditional covers behind. Elevate your fishing with the PRO Series.

Best Line

Seaguar 17-pound Red Label Fluorocarbon

Strong and highly abrasion resistant fluorocarbon line.

Best Soft Bait

Rapala Crush City Freeloader

Rapala set out to design the ultimate ChatterBait/spinnerbait trailer. Featuring a streamlined profile with miniature ribs for added action and tail that tapers to a ribbed point that creates a kicking action that is subtly realistic.

Best Hard Bait

Berkley PowerBait Nessie

Mesh-reinforced joint provides durability while allowing for free range of motion, stabilizing fins for consistent action, patent pending hook-retention clip keeps treble hook secured to body, premium features and components, sticky sharp Fusion19 treble hook, custom painted forage-matching finishes.

Best Reel (and best of show)

Daiwa Tatula 100

Best Rod

Cashion ICON Spinnerbait Rod

A made in America 7-foot, 2-inch spinnerbait rod featuring a raw finish blank, microguides, ergonomic hook keeper, carbon fiber grips for increased sensitivity, and a lifetime warranty.

Best Terminal Tackle

VMC Swingin Ned Rig Jig

Delivering finesse appeal with enhanced attraction, the VMC Swinging Ned Rig Jig features an articulated head design that allows the presentation to flow and move more naturally with an incredible crawling action. Built upon a long shank hook with an offset point, the VMC Swinging Ned Rig Jig accommodates a wide-range of finesse plastics, and features a fluorocarbon keeper that locks them in place. Allowing for better bottom contact and enhanced action, the VMC Swinging Ned Rig Jig is a must-have for spinning rod specialists.