EGO Fishing nets


Problem-Solving Landing Net Handles

EGO Fishing offers two primary landing net handle types, each suited for a specific type of fishing.

The first, the EGO S1 Genesis, is a mid-priced net that features a handle, which detaches from a chosen net hoop. While it doesn’t extend, it does float. The Genesis family comprises five handle lengths for a variety of fishing applications: 6-inch; 13-inch; 25-inch; 31-inch; and 55-inch.

The second, the EGO S2 Slider, is an exceptional net family that offers five extendable handle lengths. With sales that qualify the model as the “No. 1 landing net system on the planet,” many anglers start with other EGO models and upgrade to the EGO S2 Slider over time.

Besides options to choose exactly the right handle length for your application and species, EGO’s proprietary detachable/modular net handle system makes for much easier storage than fixed-handle nets. The Slider family comprises three handle lengths for a variety of fishing applications: 18-inch (extends to 36 inches); 29-inch (extends to 60 inches); and REACH 48-inch (extends to 108 inches). S2 Slider net handles also accommodate other tools besides a landing net hoop and nettings. Simply unscrew your net and attach an EGO 8-inch Deck Brush or Deluxe EGO Deck Mop to clean your boat at the end of a good fishing day.

Benefits: EGO Fishing Modular Landing Net

Regardless of boat size, the detachable handle found on both the EGO S1 Genesis and EGO S2 Slider means you can reduce the footprint of the entire net by detaching into two pieces. And, if you’re traveling — or having to move from one location to another — being able to detach the handle from the net hoop allows the angler to store the hoop and handle in onboard boat lockers. Let’s face it: Space is always at a premium no matter the size of the boat.

Besides the commonsense storage benefits of the EGO modular platform, the net’s design also allows you to customize for different fish species. One day you might be fishing bass, and the next day you’re onto walleye. With EGO Fishing’s S1 Genesis net platform, it’s as simple as owning two different net hoops and the same handle. You don’t need two different landing nets, just two different hoops that can be swapped out in seconds.

Hassle-Free For Dealers & Distributors

On the retailer and distributor side, this modular design makes shipping easy. The net head/hoop/netting ships in one box and the handle in another, eliminating the need for a giant box like what’s required when shipping fixed-handle fishing nets. Cardboard costs go down; shipping cost is reduced; and, box damage is almost non-existent, often a problem with large landing net boxes getting caught in conveyors. Then, once in the dealer or distributor space, the separate handle and hoop/netting boxes require less storage space than standard giant, one-piece net boxes.

Note to Retailers

EGO is committed to your store, offering free custom fit modular displays for an EGO landing net assortment. The display is proven to improve the net selection process, while bolstering sales through the instant availability of S2 Slider accessories and multiple hoop sizes.