Shimano Stradic FM


Shimano Wins Six Tackle Warehouse Viewer’s Choice Awards

Shimano North America Fishing recently had six category winners in the 2023 Tackle Warehouse Viewer’s Choice Awards. Bass fishing enthusiasts from across the world voted on their favorite product debuts from ICAST and beyond as brand-new concepts and envelope-pushing designs hit the market.

“It is an incredible honor to be chosen for multiple Viewer’s Choice Awards,” said Bob Mahoney, Shimano freshwater manager. “Tackle Warehouse customers take great pride in their success on the water and the gear that makes it possible. The entire Shimano team is dedicated to providing the consumer with products that give them the confidence necessary to fish at a high level.”

Shimano’s Poison Ultima series won both the new casting and new spinning rod categories. The flagship Poison Ultima series generously showcases Shimano’s cutting-edge rod technologies, including Shimano’s Spiral X Core and Hi-Power X rod technologies, which deliver exceptional rod strength, torsional rigidity, and casting accuracy for more precise and powerful casts.

Off the back of its best freshwater reel at the 2023 ICAST New Product Showcase, the Shimano Stradic FM took home the coveted new spinning reel category in this year’s Tackle Warehouse Viewer’s Choice Awards. Forged from the groundbreaking technology and cutting-edge innovation in the Stella family of reels, the Stradic FM comes at an unbeatable price point. To round out the best reel categories, the Shimano Curado 200 M was awarded the best new casting reel. Boasting expanded line capacity, the new Curado 200 M leverages a MagnumLite Spool III to reduce start-up inertia, which comes in handy when throwing large swimbaits, heavy jigs, deep-diving cranks, and oversized frogs.

Shimano’s first foray into fluorocarbon was met with immediate success as Shimano Mastiff FC was named best fishing line at ICAST. The momentum has continued as the fluorocarbon rose to the top of the Viewer’s Choice Awards’ best new fishing line category. Featuring NANOARMOR technology, Mastiff FC showcases a fine application of nano-size ridges across the outer surface of the line to help prevent knot-slipping when fighting large fish.

Additionally, the Shimano Swagy DW has been named the winner of the best new spinnerbait category, built with arms that are tough enough to withstand big bites but thin enough to transmit vibrations throughout the entire bait.