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Skeleton Optics’ Premium Fishing Sunglasses

Skeleton Optics Inc., a premium sunglass and protective eyewear brand geared toward those who live their lives outdoors, is moving to target anglers with its enhanced line of premium fishing sunglasses.

Skeleton Optics’ rugged products are built to last and engineered to withstand the toughest of elements. Crafted with robust, Italian-made frames and scratch-resistant Carl Zeiss vision lenses, its full line of fishing sunglasses can endure the best and worst of the great outdoors while providing crisp, vibrant visibility, standing up to intense sun, driving rain, saltwater sprays, and occasional drops or impacts. Their resilience means that anglers can rely on their sunglasses to remain in optimal condition, even under the most demanding of circumstances. With the best optical technology available, Skeleton Optics sunglasses protect from the sun while enhancing visual acuity and eliminating glare to allow anglers to spot fish with unprecedented clarity.

The line of sunglasses designed for the challenges and joys of fishing include the Renegade, Scout, Outlaw, and Decoy models. Each are optimized for peak performance alongside elevated style and comfort. Standard features for each include polarized polycarbonate lenses with 100 percent UV protection, protecting against harmful rays, and advanced Tri-Pel coating to guarantee clear, pristine vision. Tri-Pel is an innovative amalgamation of two premium coatings: Tri-Flection mirror and Ri-Pel coating. Together, they boast advanced hydrophobic (water repelling) and oleophobic (anti-smudge) properties, effortlessly repelling sweat, oil, water, sunscreen, and dust to keep lenses clear in all environments. Tri-Pel technology also ensures that the lenses are easy to clean, while providing enhanced color performance and light transmission.

Each product has at least four lens color options: Blue Gun, Bronze Titanic, Silver Chrome, and Petrol Green. Each of these colors provide a different experience for anglers — Petrol Green offers a high-contrast perspective, making them perfect for those who find themselves in and out of shaded areas and low-light conditions, while Blue Gun is ideal for those out on the water as it dramatically reduces glare and excels in bright conditions. Silver Chrome is a “jack of all trades” color, providing natural color perception and comfortable vision in a wide range of light conditions while being highly reflective to reduce glare. Bronze Titanic is also versatile, with a warm tint that works best in medium to bright light conditions while offering excellent contrast and depth perception.

Every pair of sunglasses also comes with premium hard coating for scratch and impact resistance, Grilamid TR-90 frames for lasting durability, and an inherent high resistance to chemicals. Base curve and standard sizing vary between models. Frame options include color variations and a line of custom, hand-numbered patterns such as Yellowfin, Wahoo, Rainbow Trout, and Mahi-Mahi editions. All frames are made with non-metal hinges to avoid corrosion, and rubberized nose pads for maximized anti-slip performance.

“Everyone who’s ever been fishing before knows that conditions on the water can be challenging, especially light conditions,” said Eric Storey, CEO of Skeleton Optics. “It can also be tough to find sunglasses to combat these conditions that don’t limit your vision — in the past, I have felt that sunglasses restricted my vision and readiness. Our line of sunglasses for anglers are crafted with the best technology and tested to the highest standards to ensure that they enhance the fishing experience, not restrict it. Anglers who try them out will gain the ultimate confidence that comes with being prepared for anything nature might throw at you.”

Created in 2015 by Mark and Lori Llano as a premium lifestyle brand, Skeleton Optics is dedicated to creating sunglasses emboldened by a spirit of adventure and designed specifically for those who live their lives outdoors. Acquired by Storey and Stronger Leadership LLC in 2023, the brand has continued to grow and concentrate on these markets while remaining committed to core values of providing high-quality, innovative products that are tested by and crafted for the wild.

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