Lithium Pros Trolling Battery

Image Credit: Joel Vandekrol


The All-Day Trolling Battery

A solution has arrived for finding a marine battery with sufficient power and endurance for a full day on the water. Anglers typically require three separate Group 31 AGM batteries, occupying valuable storage space and adding unnecessary weight. The Lithium Pros N3275-36 lithium-ion marine trolling battery delivers ample power and longevity to meet anglers’ needs for an entire day on the water, while weighing only 46 1/2 pounds, a fraction of the weight of traditional batteries. This translates into better fuel efficiency and contributes to a faster boat. With reduced onboard weight, anglers gain improved access to shallow coves and inlets, giving them a competitive edge over their heavier counterparts.

Aside from the advantages of an extended lifespan and reduced weight, the Lithium Pros N3275-36 offers an impressive capacity of 75 amp hours (2,850 watt-hours) and 173 reserve minutes. Users can conveniently recharge it onboard by utilizing the outboard engine’s charging system with a compatible DC charger. Only an inch taller than standard marine batteries, the N3275-36 sports compact dimensions (12.88 x 7.13 in. x 10.50 inches), fitting most standard marine battery footprints and trays.

A part of the NMEA 2000 network, the N3275-36 battery sets a new standard for lithium-ion batteries. The embedded BM-21 battery monitor actively features NMEA 2000 certification and incorporates a port on the battery for seamless “plug and play” integration with NMEA 2000 function displays. Once connected to the network, the internal BM-21 diligently monitors and records key battery metrics, including individual battery voltage, current, remaining time, state of charge, cumulative lifetime amp hours, and temperature. It also logs warnings and alerts with precise time and date stamps. The monitor actively reports all required parameter group numbers and standard battery-related PGNs, allowing users to access all this information on an optional OLED display.

Lithium Pros lithium-ion batteries leverage high-power, lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry. They offer a higher voltage, greater power output, improved efficiency, extended battery life, and up to five times faster recharging than traditional lead-acid batteries. Furthermore, they boast safety, eco-friendliness, and durability.

The Lithium Pros N3275-36 Trolling Battery with NMEA 2000 is the ultimate choice for professional and recreational anglers seeking top-of-the-line equipment with superior communication capabilities.

N3275-36 product features:

  • Can replace 3 Group 31 AGM batteries with just one N3275-36 trolling battery
  • NMEA 2000 connectivity
  • 152 reserve minutes
  • BCI group GC12 size
  • BM21 embedded battery monitor

N3275-36 product specs:

  • 38.4 volts
  • 75 amp hours (2,850 watt-hours)
  • 46 1/2 pounds
  • MSRP: $2,999