Grass carp

Image Credit: Joel Vandekrol


Wildlife Forever Launches Citizen Carp Control Program to Combat Invasive Species

Wildlife Forever’s new Citizen Carp Control initiative is the latest effort to raise awareness of invasive carp species. The conservation initiative provides a platform to engage commercial fishermen, policy leaders, and sportsmen and women about solutions to address invasive carp issues. Its goal is to share information and urge policy makers to adequately fund prevention and removal of invasive carp.

“We must act now. Rapid removal and other deterrent measures work,” said Pat Conzemius, Wildlife Forever president and CEO. “If we’ve learned anything in dealing with invasive species, it’s not to allow new species to spread.”

With support from AFTCO and other fishing industry leaders, the campaign website,, provides educational resources, up-to-date content, and information on how the public can get involved.

“Invasive species are the greatest threat to our fisheries. It’s our duty to support efforts that educate and work to defend our waters,” said Matt Florentino, AFTCO marketing director. “We’re proud to support Citizen Carp Control.”

Invasive carp species include the bighead, black, grass, and silver. In the 1800s, common carp were introduced as a food source and game species into U.S. waters. As an established species today, common carp occur naturally throughout the U.S. However, it can become highly invasive and destructive when mismanaged.

Formerly called the “War on Carp” campaign, the newly rebranded Citizen Carp Control initiative will feature apparel and other merchandise for people to purchase and show their support.